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(Max Headroom) Cruel Seduction - Ch. 1-3 - ElegantButler

(Doctor Who) The Doctor Versus The Spaceballs - Ch. 1-3 - Cheri

(Doctor Who) The Halloween Photo - One shot - Cheri

(Once Upon a Time) Once Upon a Time and Again - Ch. 21-24 - KayleeThePete

(Doctor Who) The Practical Joke - Ch. 1-2 - Cheri

(Doctor Who) The Zombie Master - Ch. 1-5 - Cheri

(Doctor Who) The Cuteness Gauntlet - Ch. 1-6 - Cheri

(Once Upon a Time) Twice Cursed - Ch. 1-13 - ZizhunWriter

(Hellboy) Fishy Blackouts - Ch. 1 - Juliet Rellis

(Doctor Who) Just Another Day - Ch. 1 - Miss Malone

(Once Upon a Time) Selfless, Brave, and True - One shot - ZizhunWriter

(Doctor Who) Slaves of the Sisterhood - Ch. 1-29 - Cheri

(Max Headroom) Five Minutes in Hell - Ch. 1 - ElegantButler

(Doctor Who) The Sisterhood of Karn - Ch. 1-12 - Cheri

(Castle) Sweet - Ch. 1-4 - International08

(Doctor Who/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Fighting the Foot - Ch. 1 - Cheri

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Launched: 02/15/04          Updated: 02/20/17

Message from Moderator: Hello and welcome to Movie Fanfic Chains! You can now post and read fanfics on the MFC's RPG & Fanfic Chain Forum! The forum has been keeping me very busy so I apologize for the very long gaps in fanfic additions and updates to the website.

Check out the forum for RPGs on Firefly, Marvel, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Lost, Marvel, Once Upon a Time, Marvel, Ready Player One, X-Men, and The Walking Dead with lots of available canon characters as well as sign-up threads for many more titles. We also have an original sci-fi/fantasy/drama RPG! We're also ready to start some brand new Fanfic Chains based on your favorite movies and TV shows.

Please take a moment to "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for instant fanfic updates.

We now have over 1,620 fanfics based on over 175 TV shows and movies! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed their stories and reviews. Fanfics are always being updated or added so keep checking back to see what's new and please tell your fanfic friends about us. If you've submitted a fanfic, please be patient as I'll be posting them in the order received. Thanks for visiting Movie Fanfic Chains and we hope you enjoy your time here! 




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